Dr. Stem Mahlatini,EdD,LCSW
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Dr. Stem  Mahlatini,EdD,LCSW
Dr. Stem Mahlatini,EdD,LCSW
Licensed Psychotherapist, Parent and Teen Coach, Confidence Coach, Trainer, Speaker

About the instructor

Dr. Stem (Sithembile Mahlatini) is a Certified Life-Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, feel the Fear & Do It Anyway Coach, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Author, Licensed Psychotherapist, Radio-Television Personality and Motivational Speaker.  As a native of Zimbabwe, residing in the USA, she has over 20 years experience providing counseling to teenagers in schools, homes, private practice and in  the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Programs in Florida. She enjoys traveling, conducting empowerment workshops for parents,  couples and  teenagers as well as speak at seminars and conferences in the United States, at Sea and Globally.

I am sure you will agree with me that teenagers have a lot in common with the terrible twos. During both stages they are doing exciting new things, but they’re also pushing boundaries (and buttons) and throwing tantrums, wanting their freedom. The major developmental task facing both age groups is also the same: kids must pull away from parents and begin to assert their own independence. Yes that is why teenagers sometimes act as if they think they’re the center of the universe.

Communication therefore becomes a huge chore for parents when you do not understand how your teenager is hearing you and what they are thinking. Through videos, audio recordings and downloadable information, I have created this course to help you:

  • Bridge that communication gap between you and your teenager.
  • Clarify some of the misconceptions of how teenagers understand you
  • What the teenagers think when you constantly yelling
  • Understand what you are really saying to your teenager.

When you understand them you support and parent them with less stress on your part.

Course Contents

8 Videos
10 Texts
8 PDFs
21 Audios

Course Curriculum

2 Parent Support Tele- Coaching Sessions