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Helping Parents support their teenagers through everyday issues and tough times is my goal and passion. Thank you for taking this survey to help me continue to create supportive programs, courses, books to help your parenting journey much more bearable.

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Dr. Stem  Mahlatini,EdD,LCSW

Dr. Stem Mahlatini,EdD,LCSW

Licensed Psychotherapist, Parent and Teen Coach, Confidence Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Dr. Stem (Sithembile Mahlatini) is a Certified Life-Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, feel the Fear & Do It Anyway Coach, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Author, Licensed Psychotherapist, Radio-Television Personality and Motivational Speaker.  As a native of Zimbabwe, residing in the USA, she has over 20 years experience providing counseling to teenagers in schools, homes, private practice and in  the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Programs in Florida. She enjoys traveling, conducting empowerment workshops for parents,  couples and  teenagers as well as speak at seminars and conferences in the United States, at Sea and Globally.

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